Star Printing: Recovering paper to be used again within the circular economy


Star Printing have been providing quality printing services for over 30 years and are based in Warrnambool and Terang. They specialise in working with customers to develop, design and implement their ideas into various forms of products, from business stationery, brochures, History books, stickers, labels, promotional pens and name badges to wide format rigid and flexible displays. Star Printing produces both small and large volumes on demand and have made it a focus to utilise the most environmentally friendly ink, provide recycled paper options and offer other solutions to reduce the impacts of their operations. They are able to calculate for customers the greenhouse gases saved by using particular paper for publications.

Matt Henderson, Managing Director of Star Printing, stated that he “recognises printing as an industry that isn’t the most environmentally friendly, but we’re taking steps to ensure that customers are aware of the options to reduce the impact of their order. We are looking to install solar panels at our sites to further reduce the impacts of our operations”.

Most recently Star Printing have been driving their own 8-tonne truck to All New Paper Recycling in Melbourne weekly with roughly 3 tonnes of off-cut paper to be recycled. This is done at cost neutral, with the money made from selling the paper to All New Paper Recycling then covering the cost of driving the truck to Melbourne. This is something Star Printing would like to expand, taking other business’ paper and recyclables on their route from Warrnambool and Terang through to Melbourne.

All New Paper Recycling provide recycled paper to local paper mills including the mill at Maryvale that produces Reflex office paper. Matt indicated that In Confidence, a document and product shredding company located next to All New Paper Recycling,  was able to process their plastic film they send along with their paper. In Confidence shreds documents, plastics for glasses, electronic waste and old textiles from items such as handbags. This could create opportunities for companies to recycle more materials in a collection run to the two companies located next to each other.

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