PonyUp for Good: Turning e-waste into opportunity in the G21 region

PonyUp for Good are working with Geelong businesses to collect donated, decommissioned technology and deliver local environmental and community impacts.

‘To provide a simple process for socially-minded companies to turn unwanted, second-hand technology into charitable currency and reduce the levels of e-waste to landfill.’

For every $10 of profit this program is able to generate through reuse of decommissioned or recycled IT, SecondBite will deliver 25 fresh meals to people in need.

For every 1000 decommissioned computers donated, PonyUp can deliver:

  • 2,500kgs of technology kept out of landfill
  • 37,500 fresh meals donated to Secondbite
  • 57,000kgs of CO2e reduction
  • 1,000 hours of employment in regional Geelong.

With aligned values in resource redistribution and waste avoidance, PonyUp has chosen SecondBite as its exclusive charity partner and the beneficiary of 50% of all profits made. SecondBite is Australia’s largest fresh food rescue charity, redistributing fresh surplus food donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets and events to more than 1,300 community food programs on the frontline of food poverty around Australia with 341 of those programs being Victoria based.

With the e-waste ban in effect, this project provides a solution for businesses to adhere to the policy while contributing to job growth and supporting people in need.

‘To rescue one million kilograms of technology and use its residual value to provide one million meals via Secondbite by 2020.’

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