Finding solutions for hard to recycle materials through clever chemistry and engineering

JUC SURF is a fantastic story of local-based, innovative solutions for waste products and materials. Founders, Dr Filip Stojcevski, Andreas Hendlmeier and James Randall, have put their many years of work, study and research in engineering and organics chemistry to good effect. They have found a method through using cutting edge chemistry that allows them to take waste carbon fibre and turn it into a viable material to be used to shape surfboards. Carbon fibre surfboards themselves are not new, but with the compositional changes JUC SURF has made to the carbon fibre, it is able to flex like an ordinary E-glass board.

There are roughly 45,000 tonnes of carbon fibre that goes to landfill each year, this is roughly 4 Eiffel Towers. Through Filip’s experience with Boeing and Andreas experience with Ford, working with carbon fibre engineering with those respective companies, they have been able to take their practical experience and understanding of carbon fibre’s application and composition to find an incredibly unique solution to a material that ordinarily doesn’t have much of a life beyond its initial use. Working with some renowned local shapers on the Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road, JUC SURF have been able to utilise more high quality, local skills to fine tune the application of their carbon fibre for a high performance surfboard.

The guys at JUC SURF are keen to find new streams of waste carbon fibre from local industry and potentially move into producing surfboard fins utilising reprocessed plastic pellets to supplement the boards themselves and produce an entire product comprised of recycled material.

For more information or to pre-order a board please check out JUC SURF through this link: