Envision Hands – An Environmental & Humanitarian Project

Envision is a small community focused organisation. They have worked throughout Victoria and Tasmania to engage disadvantaged job seekers in fascinating projects that get them work-ready and motivated. Following on from a very successful project with Salvation Army Employment Plus (Plastic Fantastic), the Envision team has been collecting bottle caps from schools, building machinery and extruding filament for 3D printers.

During the project, Envision discovered a fantastic initiative called e-Nable. This initiative links people in need of a prosthetic limb with volunteer 3D printers. Envision accesses e-Nable’s 3D printer designs to make simple, self-powered prostheses.

The e-Nable designs are made with standard 3D printing materials such as ABS plastic, however, Envision have found a way to incorporate recycled materials such as bottle tops into the fabrication feed stock. Envision are working their way through the e-Nable library of hands, building prototypes and with their great advances in 3D technology, making hands that will only become more flexible, giving greater dexterity for the beneficiaries, the children and people in the most need.

This collaborative project – Envision Hands – is the only project of its kind to make prosthetic limbs from recycled bottle tops. It aims to make 100 prosthetic limbs for disadvantaged people and communities throughout India and other 3rd world countries.

Envision will continue to work with the community and business partners endeavouring to spread the word on reducing waste, while gaining support in both bottle top collection and fundraising activities which support these incredible environmental and humanitarian projects.

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