Regional input into statewide recycling collaborative procurement

BSWWRRG is working with the state’s six other Waste and Resource Recovery Groups (WRRGs) to support councils to procure new kerbside recycling services. This statewide strategic procurement will increase the state’s recycling capacity and provide future security for councils through expanding and attracting new capacity in the sector.

Funded through the Recycling Industry Strategic Plan and aligned with the Recycling Victoria policy, the recycling collaborative procurement will help to address the systemic failure of the recycling processing capacity and resilience across the state affecting many councils.

The project is in the pre-procurement phase and the WRRGs are working with Deloitte to analyse the current state of the recycling market across Victoria to assess capacity and future demand. This will help us understand where new recycling infrastructure could be located across the state to maximise efficiencies and benefits. It will help to design a procurement approach for councils to go to market from 2021.

Over the past few months, the WRRGs and Deloitte have meet with councils to seek input into the infrastructure solutions that may be delivered through the collaborative procurement. Given that the Barwon South West Region is undertaking the Optimal Regional Infrastructure Model (ORIM) project, we will ensure the infrastructure solution identified through the ORIM is fed into the statewide collaborative procurement, to avoid duplication and deliver the best outcomes for our region.

The pre-procurement stage of the collaborative procurement will be completed by February, which will be followed by further engagement with councils on next steps.