Funding to support recycling reforms

Councils will soon have access to funding for the introduction of new glass and food organics and garden organics (FOGO) services as part of the Victorian Government’s household recycling reforms.

The reforms will provide all Victorian households with access to a separate glass collection service by 2027 and a FOGO service by 2030, in addition to the existing commingled recycling and waste services.

Across Victoria, these changes are expected to:

  • divert up to 650,000 tonnes of organics from landfill each year
  • increase the value of recycled materials by up to $210 million per annum by separating glass from other materials.

The funding will help councils to cover costs associated with the introduction of the new services, such as purchasing new bins, minor transfer station upgrades and deliver of local education programs.

To access the funding, councils are required to develop a transition plan about how they intend to introduce the new services including the type of service proposed (i.e. kerbside collection or community drop-off) and when the new services will commence.

Councils that have already introduced glass and FOGO services in the past 12 months, such as Moyne, Southern Grampians and Warrnambool, will not be disadvantaged with DELWP indicating that funding will be available for these retrospective services.

DELWP will advise councils on the amount of funding available once all draft transition plans, due at the end of September, have been received.

BSWWRRG is currently assisting all Barwon South West councils to develop and submit their draft transition plans. On behalf of five of the councils, BSWWRRG has engaged a consultant to undertake modelling to compare the costs of different service options. This modelling will help councils to make decisions on the best type of service for their community, for inclusion in their transition plans.

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