Camperdown Compost grows

In a boost for organics recovery in the Barwon South West region, Camperdown Compost has commenced upgrades to their compost facility to increase the site’s processing capacity.

Operating since 2000, Camperdown Compost accepts food organics and garden organics from councils as well as organic waste from food and dairy processing. The organic material is turned into compost and sold for use on farms, open spaces and gardens.

In late 2020, the facility received a works approval from the EPA to upgrade the site and to increase the site’s processing capacity to 50,000 tonnes per annum.

Camperdown Compost CEO Nick Routson said that the site upgrade works were currently underway and would improve the site’s composting processes as well as increase its processing capacity.

“The current upgrades include the construction of a hardstand, improved wastewater management and the installation of an underfloor aeration system.”

“The aeration system will accelerate the composting process and ensure even moisture and temperature throughout the compost windrows, which provides a more consistent product.”

Mr Routson said that while there had been some weather delays over summer, the works were on track to be completed on time.

“We need another two or three weeks of fine weather to complete the groundworks.”

“We have two engineers from Austria that were due to come out shortly to help with installation and commissioning of the aerated floor system, but due to the pandemic we will likely need to do this work online which may create some challenges.”

Apart from this challenge, Mr Routson said that their business had been minimally impacted by the pandemic.

“Business has not slowed down during the pandemic. If anything, everyone at home has increased volumes of organic waste.”

“We are looking forward to finishing the upgrades and operating a site which is easier to run and easier to comply with EPA requirements.”

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