Broderick Road clean-up progressing

EPA have now completed stages one and two of their clean-up of the Broderick Road waste stockpile in Lara.

The clean-up project will remove an estimated 340,000m3 of waste from the site after the previously operator, C&D Recycling, had let the amount of waste grow to dangerous levels. EPA stepped in to clean up the site after C&D Recycling and the site owner went into liquidation.

So far, more than 50,000m3 of material has been removed from the site including 44,000m3 of mulch and waste timber, 70 large tyres and 9,000m3 of contaminated soil.

The final stage will remove the remaining waste from the site, including four large stockpiles of mixed construction and demolition waste. These works are expected to take up to two years to complete.

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