A new era for Victoria’s circular economy

The Victorian Government have released their circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria; a new economy, a ten year plan to transform Victoria’s recycling sector, reduce waste to landfill and create jobs.

Recycling Victoria sets ambitious new goals for improved recycling and recovery in Victoria, including reducing our reliance on landfill with a diversion target of 80 per cent.

The policy’s release includes a funding package of more than $300 million to shift Victoria to a circular economy.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said that the investment was the largest package of recycling reforms and investment in Victoria’s history.

“It will revolutionise household recycling, drive business innovation and create jobs of the future. Most importantly, it will give Victorians a truly circular economy and recycling system they can rely on.”

Key elements of the policy include:

  • a new four-bin household recycling system to separate recyclables, glass, food and organics, and waste
  • a container deposit scheme to begin by 2023
  • a statewide education program to help households, businesses and councils reduce waste and transition to the new recycling system
  • progressive increases to the landfill levy to bring it into line with other states.
  • funding for businesses to invest in infrastructure to sort and process recyclables, recycling innovation, and waste to energy initiatives.
  • regulation of waste as an essential service, including the establishment of a new waste authority to govern Victoria’s waste and recycling system and new rules for businesses to sort wastes.
  • support to target hazardous wastes including the establishment of a new Waste Crime Prevention Inspectorate.
  • Grants for councils and communities to reduce waste and move towards the circular economy.


For further information visit https://www.vic.gov.au/transforming-recycling-victoria

BSWWRRG will work with the region’s councils, businesses, industry and communities to support the transition to the new policy. Please contact us on 5223 2622 if you have any queries or require assistance.