Council Kerbside recycling

In the Barwon South West region, councils provide kerbside recycling services to most residential areas and some rural areas.

A 2018 audit of kerbside recycling bins found that over 16% of material placed in these bins, can’t be recycled through the council recycling system. These are known as contaminates.  These items have to be sorted out and transported to landfill, adding to the cost of recycling.

You can reduce contamination and support recycling by:

  1. Keeping up-to-date with what is and isn’t accepted in your kerbside recycling bin by contacting your council or visiting
  2. Emptying all containers before placing them in the recycle bin.
  3. Placing all items in the recycling bin loose. Bagged material is not accepted.
  4. Purchasing products that contain recycled materials.  Look for recycled plastic content symbols on the packaging and visit Planet Ark’s Recycled Products Directory for assistance finding recycled products.

If you don’t receive a kerbside collection service, contact your council about alternatives, such as recycling through transfer stations.

Recycling other items

You can recycle a lot of items that cannot be recycled through your kerbside recycling bin. Visit Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You to search for helpful recycling solutions.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastics such as shopping bags, chip packets and bubble wrap can all be recycled (just not in your kerbside bins).  Check the RedCycle website for a complete list of what is and isn’t accepted in the Recycle bins at participating Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Household chemicals

Click here to read more

Detox Your Home is a Sustainability Victoria program that collects unwanted household chemicals. For a full list of what’s accepted, and to find the next Detox Your Home event, visit Sustainability Victoria


Out-of-date and unwanted medicines can be returned to a pharmacy for safe and proper disposal. For further information, contact your local pharmacy or visit Return Unwanted Medicines


E-waste – or electronic waste – refers to electronic products that are no longer wanted or working.

To protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government banned all e-waste from landfill since 1 July 2019.

For more information or to find your nearest drop off point visit:


Paintback takes back unwanted paint and packaging for responsible disposal and reuse.

Visit Paint Back to check what’s accepted, and to find your nearest drop-off location.

Mobile Phones

MobileMuster is a free mobile phone recycling program. For further information and to find your nearest drop-off point, visit MobileMuster

Other Household items

Terracycle offers a recycling service for hard-to-recycle materials such as toothpaste and cosmetic tubes, toothbrushes, coffee pods, pens and textas.

Kerbside Organic Collection Service

Some Barwon South West councils offer Garden Organics or Food Organics Garden Organics kerbside collection services.

Contact your local council to find out what goes in your organics bin.

Recycling Organics at home

There are many ways you can recycle organics at home:

Feed it to animals

Chickens are omnivores, so they enjoy fruit, vegetable and meat scraps.

Home compost

Turning your food and garden organic waste into compost helps to nourish your garden. Find out more about Home composting.

Home worm farm

If outdoor space is limited, a worm farm is an ideal way to process small quantities of food and garden waste. Find out more about creating your Home worm farm.

Home bokashi bucket

Bokashi is a composting method designed for indoor use, making it ideal for apartment living. Learn more about establishing your Home bokashi bucket.

Community compost/ worm farm

Ask your local community garden if they accept food waste for their compost or worm farm.


Sharewaste is an app that you can use to find someone in your neighbourhood who will take your food or garden waste.