Recycling and reducing waste within your business

Most of us recycle at home because we know that waste has such a negative impact on the environment. Harmful chemicals can be released from waste that is not disposed of properly and food waste can be a major contributor to greenhouse gases. Reducing waste and recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and the need for raw materials to be harvested. The same principles apply to your business, but they can also make it more efficient and win you customers. 

BSWWRRG offers support, strategies and advice regarding how your business can reduce waste and improve its recycling. 

Why should we reduce and recycle?

It’s a no brainer really: reducing waste saves you productive time, storage space and the costs of disposal.

What’s more, according to a Planet Ark report:

  • Three out of four Australian businesses (76%) believe that good waste management improves public perception of the company;
  • Four out of ten businesses (40%) believe that being able to tell customers and clients that they recycle as much as possible helps to win and retain business; and
  • It is a strong factor in staff engagement.

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What can we recycle at work?

One of Australia’s major recyclers, Visy, explains how we can recycle at work in its video.

If in doubt, check with your collector.

Assessing your waste

Firstly, you can assess your waste to help understand how much waste your business produces.

Rethink Your Footprint is a free waste self-assessment tool to help businesses understand waste and recycling activities in the workplace. It’s a starting point to help you think about making improvements.

Once you’ve filled in the survey tool, we will contact you to assist in implementing strategies and practices to reduce waste in your business.

Try the RETHINK YOUR FOOTPRINT waste self-assessment tool.

For further help, call us on (03) 5223 2622.

Which bin system is right for us?

Make it easy for your staff with clear signage and colour coded bins.
See examples at: EcoBin, Method Recycling and Business Recycling.

Where can we find a recycler?

For a list of recycling options for a variety of common materials in your local area, click here.

How can we measure the impact of our actions?

Use the Recyculator to help calculate the environmental benefits of recycling initiatives across different material types.

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