Regional Implementation Plan

The 2017 Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan (the Plan) outlines our 10-year vision for the region’s waste and recycling needs. The Plan recognises the community and industry’s desire to work collaboratively to reduce waste and increase resource recovery to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits for the region.

While existing waste and resource recovery infrastructure provides the capacity to manage current waste volumes for at least the next 10 years, advances in technology will provide the opportunity to invest in alternative infrastructure to improve our systems and processes to increase the recovery of priority materials.

We will focus on specific projects for the next five years that work towards achieving the twelve Priority Actions from the Plan.

Each Priority Action is linked to one of our five regional strategic objectives:

  1. Achieve behaviour change that reduces waste generation and increases resource recovery.
  2. Encourage innovative and cost-effective ways to increase resource recovery.
  3. Identify and establish industry relationships to build market opportunities to maximise resource recovery.
  4. Facilitate the aggregation of services through joint procurement to maximise resource recovery and cost-effectiveness.
  5. Plan for future waste and resource recovery infrastructure and service needs for the region.

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